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Kodak i5850 Document Scanner-government

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Flagship of Kodak withstand the processing of several hundreds of thousand copies the 1st

I5800 Scanner Kodak is the perfect scanner to the environment in which it is excellent in durability, to the accurate processing in a short period of time, such as trustee business of electronic and centralized processing center, the documents of a huge amount is required. i5800 scanner, can be processed at a speed / min (A4 horizontal feed) 210 sheets maximum. Even in the case of resolution 300dpi, even if you output at the same time both sides in black-and-white and color, to maintain the maximum speed * 1. In addition, to thick paper from a small thin paper or 6.3 centimeters square from long documents * 2 of 4.8 m maximum, corresponding to a wide variety of paper. 
* By the scan and conditions (400dpi or more), you may slow down one resolution. * There is a case where the length is limited by the skew scan conditions and 2 resolution, documents and during transport.

Strengthen the optimum automatic image processing functions to scan mixed documents

It employs a useful image processing functions when processing together documents of various types. At the same time as the scan, in order to run automatically, work efficiency is improved dramatically.

  • Run automatically cut of the image that matches the document size and tilt image correction - image processing technology of its own "Perfect Page".
  • Automatic direction detection function - to detect the printing direction on the document during the scan, and rotate the image in the correct direction. Even in the case of failure in the detection direction, can be rotated automatically to the angle 90 °, 180 °, 270 °.
  • Automatic color identification function - to detect the color of the original, and automatically switch (color or black and white) output pattern according to the documents.
  • And automatically delete blank page - blank removed.
  • Specified color color dropout - In addition to the red, blue and green, in addition you can set the dropout color of any of up to five, drop-out at the same time allows the color of the three largest.

  • I remove the vertical stripes due to dirt on the imaging guides - vertical stripes removed.

Large-capacity feeder that can be loaded with 750 sheets of documents up to

Since it uses the feeder of the elevator systems where you can set the paper of 750 sheets, you can process large amounts of documents at a time. In addition, it is also possible to fix in each position for manual feed (1 sheet), 100 sheets, 250 sheets, 500 sheets, 700 sheets. It also prevents skipping occur by detecting sensor to put heavy ultrasound (five, ON / O FF can individually) is transported documents remain overlapped.

Unusual design and ease of use

The design of the i5800 scanner, there are various measures to reduce the load on the operator to handle the volumes of documentation.

  • The operable color touch of hand start and stop the scan - the operator control panel. Also, during the transport of the documents with a tag or envelope, and the "skip double feed" to OFF double feed detection sensor temporarily in printer (optional), temporarily during the re-printing on printed documents can be set to change the print position to be "print offset". In addition, it also displays the time to replace the consumables.
  • Adopt scanner table for up and down in the pedal according to the operator - the height adjustment is possible.
  • Switching of the background (background color) easy - if you want to change the background color depending on the type and thickness of the document: simply select (examples show-through prevention of double-sided document), the scan settings that you have prepared in advance, black and white can be switched.
  • (Operation five, at the operator control panel also available) controls the speed of the discharge at the time so that the scanned documents or scattered in the discharge tray, the order of the page is not back and forth - to prevent the dispersion of documents of the discharge time.

And reduce the load on the environment

  • Power consumption is less LED lamps lighting, long life - using an LED lamp. Also, it can be greatly reduced start-up time compared to the fluorescent lamp.
  • Design that does not use lead
UPC/EA#: 041771615963
Manufacturer Part No: 1759042
*sales tax on orders shipping to AL, CA, DC, MA, NY

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